Artist Statement

"The works created follow different themes - some are fantasies, some depict humanity, and some are abstractions which reach into the psyche of the viewer to achieve their meaning.  The common thread is that metal scrap - battered, weathered, hard edged, coffee colored pieces of iron and steel -  is the media.   The undefined but always recognizable quality that will be the basis for the work exists in these pieces of scrap metal; the efforts on my part bring it to the surface. 


This work would be very limited without the graciousness of those who provide the scrap metal items.  Individuals in machine shops, industrial sites, and machinery repair organizations have seen what can be done and have made available the media from which the works can be created.


That this endeavor to create exists is due to the coalescence of a number of factors:  I see and am troubled by the selling off and shipping away of the infrastructure and machinery which made America what it is; that two decades of my life have been spent in a career where, more often than not, there were no tangible results for one’s efforts;  and there has always been a ‘back burner’ desire on my part to create and share that which can be meaningful.


My mission here is to find aspects of beauty or meaning in what is considered ‘scrap’ and give it a second life as art.  The mute solidity and history of unheralded service of these items flows into the character of the works, be it for pure delight of imagery or conveyance of substantive message."

- Jim Adams

© 2019 Jim Adams